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Forgiveness empowers us to see the good in ourselves, in each other and in the world. It means being able to forgive what’s “wrong” and come into a place of understanding, acceptance and compassion. Rather than fighting against what is, forgiveness allows us to make peace and to harmonize. This doesn’t mean being passive or powerless, but instead finding our flow and our way of being that is most helpful and in tune.

When we forgive ourselves, we accept ourselves and we love ourselves. Rather than obsessing over and scrutinizing our “faults” we accept ourselves as worthy of love. We shift out of a critical and analytical mindset and move into a more loving and accepting mindset. Self-love and compassion get a lot of airtime these days, and that’s great but if we genuinely want to get there we need to get through the blocks and forgiveness is how we do that. Forgiveness is the process by which we move into a more loving state.

When we forgive others, we release ourselves from conflict. We understand that nobody is perfect and shift out of seeing someone in a more negative light. It doesn’t mean being unaware or oblivious of people who might be harmful or toxic, but instead accepting what is and setting the boundaries we need without holding a grudge. We can see the way someone is with a more broad and understanding lens, which enables us to feel more compassion and acceptance.

Sometimes the world can be a tough place to live in, but when we forgive we enable ourselves to make the best of what is. Whether it’s political conflict, an uncertain economy, or things just not going quite the way we wanted, sometimes life is hard and the world can feel like an unfavorable place. But if we can forgive and accept what is, we empower ourselves to move forward and make the best of our given situation.

Overall, forgiveness is a key component of wellbeing. When we forgive, we accept and we understand. Forgiveness can coexist with good boundaries, and perhaps even enable being able to set better boundaries. By practicing forgiveness, we empower ourselves to make peace and to make the most of what life presents us with.

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